I won Spring Break

You may recall that I posted a list of activities I wanted to partake in over my spring break. I’m happy to say I accomplished a solid portion of my list. The only issues I ran into were with the weather and my lack on moneyz. I decided to give myself a pedicure because it’s much cheaper than having someone else do it for you. I’d have to say my toes look just as good :).

Toms and Rugby

As for the beach, the zoo, doing a cartwheel in the sun, and running along the lake–IT WAS COLD AS HELL! My god, I spent a very small amount of time outside because it was just ridiculously cold over break. I’m a little sad about the weather but I’m about to move somewhere that’s warm all the time so I suppose I can’t complain too much…

Shit I’m going to do with my spring break:
-go to the zoo
-go to the beach
-read a book on the roof of my building
-make ice cream from scratch
-go on a picnic (maybe a picnic on the beach!?)
-get a pedicure
-go for a run along the lake
-finish the paintings for my bedroom
-take a cooking class
-try a new restaurant
-sleep in really late at least once during my week off
-do a cartwheel in the sunshine (maybe another beach activity!?)
-If I can find someone with a swimming pool I’m DYING to go swimming
-watch a movie from my list
-paint my nails
-cook breakfast for a friend
-eat pancakes with chocolate chips in them
-fall into at least one tourist trap in this gorgeous city that I call home

Not only did I accomplish a lot of my list items, I also spent a lot of time with some wonderful friends, watched my older brother win not one but TWO rugby games, and crossed a LOT of homework off my list. I also found time to apply to a few marketing jobs in Arizona and I feel refreshed and ready to tackle the rest of my semester. It’s AMAZING what a break can do for you.

How were all of you while I was away? I missed your sweet faces :).


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