This must be the place

Over the weekend while I was procrastinating on my homework I found these beautiful videos somewhere online. The stories told in these micro documentaries are touching and the quality of the film is breathtaking. I think that the idea of “home” is really different for everyone and these films perfectly capture that essence. If you have a minute, give them a watch. It will brighten your day–I promise.

HILL from thismustbetheplace on Vimeo.

To check out the rest, visit their Viemo site, This Must Be The Place.

Speaking of “home”. I’m getting ready to move across the country and I’m struggling with the best way to do it. Has anyone moved recently? Is there a certain method you recommend? Right now I’m considering shipping all my stuff and flying to Arizona. The other main option is renting a Uhaul or something of that sort. Is there a better way? Any advice would be much appreciated!


2 thoughts on “This must be the place

  1. I would road trip home… Not very often that we can have time for something like that.. Take only what fits in the car, really, they are just things. You can get more later.. Can't 'get' another adventure. Drive safely and dream big, girl..Amanda

  2. We've moved across Canada twice and both times used a freight shipping company that you would normally picture shipping pallets of groceries, etc. But getting it to the shipping co, might be tricky for you. Does Chicago have PODS? They sound pretty cool. We haven't done the Uhaul thing, usually too pricey if you're only going one way. Good luck! When do you leave? I should get your AZ addy from you.

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