Up to my ears in boxes

After I graduated I got on here all confident that my life was about to slow down so I’d finally have time to create some goodness for all of you but WOW was I wrong.

(my beautiful red walls are no more…)

Paint disaster:
Right after my grad weekend my landlord contacted me and told me that I’d need to paint my apartment an off-white color before I move again. Say what…? If you’ve been here for a while you may remember that I painted my place a gorgeous red wine color last summer. A color that was PRE-APPROVED by my landlord, mind you. He assured me I wouldn’t have to repaint it before I left but apparently has since changed his mind. So the past week I’ve been trying to cover my gorgeous merlot with this horribly bland white.

Packing Shenanigans:
In addition to the paint disaster, I’ve been trying to pack up all of my boxes then sort them into three piles: donate, ship, take with. My car is pretty small and I’m sharing the space with my older brother who also happens to be relocating to Phoenix from Chicago. The car space isn’t the only issue though. My building has pretty strict regulations when it comes to moving/using the elevators. I have a three hour window to move all of my stuff out and if I bring a bunch of boxes down in the elevator before or after the appointed time I run the risk of incurring a $250 fee. Ridiculous, yes? On top of all the moving shenanigans I’ve been trying to soak up every last bit of Chicago before I move and see all of my wonderful friends. Needless to say, blogging has taken a backseat.

Carpet replacement fun:
Oh yeah! In addition to requiring me to repaint the apartment my landlord is also trying to force my roommate and I to replace the carpet. Again…say what…? My faith in humanity has taken a serious blow because of these challenges. I feel like this guy is trying to take advantage of some young girls who may not know better. It’s really disheartening. For the record, when I moved into my place the carpet was FILTHY and I have absolutely no intention of paying for new carpet.

So that’s been my life recently. Hectic, exhausting, and leaving me feeling like I got hit by a bus when I wake up every morning. I miss all of you! I miss my kitchen! I miss creating content for this blog of mine and I cannot wait to get back into the swing of things. Thanks for being so wonderfully patient and supportive.


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