NATO 2012

I GOT MY COMPUTER BACK! I want to start by sharing my NATO experience with you so here goes!

Two weeks ago the NATO summit plopped down in Chicago bringing along all sorts of crazies. I am excited I was around to see a little part of history in the making and to document some of it. My older brother and I chased the protesting hippies in a cloud of marijuana and body odor stench and laughed so hard our sides hurt. Below are some of the sights I saw when following the protestors through the streets of my beautiful city.

NATO 2012
That is my brother with Boot man. When asked what the boot was for he replied with “It stands for everything that’s wrong with America, man”. Protest on Boot Man. Protest on…

NATO 2012

NATO 2012
These are the protestor’s medics. They travel with the protest and when someone gets hurt they have the option to get patched up on the spot. I thought they were pretty badass.

NATO 2012

See you all tomorrow!!

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