Cadillac Ranch

On the road between Chicago and Arizona you drive past a great American landmark. I’ve been on this road trip a few times and never stopped (or even knew to stop) at the Cadillac Ranch in Texas. This roadside attraction is seriously cool. I had many questions but few answers so when I came home I googled it and found this site which is full of great information!
Cadillac Ranch
For those who want the short version of the story, I’ll share what I learned. In Texas on the side of Route 66 there are 10 Cadillacs from the 1950’s and 60’s buried nose down and covered in graffiti. Visitors are invited and encouraged to graffiti the cars so it’s a very interactive exhibit. The cars were driven into holes in the ground at the same angle years ago for the purpose of creating a quirky art exhibit. Over the years the cars have been painted time and time again and featured in countless advertising campaigns, movies, and television shows. But above all, it’s seriously badass.
Cadillac Ranch
Cadillac Ranch
Cadillac Ranch
Next time I’ll be sure to bring my own can of paint so I can leave my mark on this great American landmark.

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