Jean Paul Gaultier

I love shopping just as much as the next girl, but now that I’ve invested in some great classic pieces I have less of a desire to hit the shops while on vacation. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love stumbling upon a great boutique with an eclectic inventory but hitting up Gap, Forever 21, and Urban Outfitters in every state I visit just seems like a waste of time. So on the day that my mom and I originally planned to shop, we decided to see the Jean-Paul Gaultier exhibit at the DeYoung Museum and I think we made the right choice.
Jean-Paul Gaultier
For those who are new, I originally studied fashion design in college and had dreams of being a household name but my sweet, innocent, high-school mind didn’t realize the amount of work necessary to turn a love of fashion into a career. I was also pretty awful at creating collections. Luckily, there are people out there who have an unending well of creative genius within them and one of those people is Gaultier.

I had SO much fun walking through the exhibit and seeing his gorgeous work up close and personal. His talent is truly extraordinary. I feel like I should just let the pictures speak for themselves!
Jean-Paul Gaultier
Jean-Paul Gaultier
Jean-Paul Gaultier
Jean-Paul Gaultier
Jean-Paul Gaultier
Jean-Paul Gaultier
After seeing this I think I’d choose culture over shopping any day of the week!

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