Labor Day//Housewarming Extravaganza

While I’m in Chicago I’m staying with my wonderful friend, Alex.  We met a few years ago when I finally managed to shop at a great boutique here called Florodora.  Fast-forward to me working with her at the boutique then spending many a night snuggled up in my apartment with a bottle of red wine and a good movie.  She’s such a fabulous friend and I feel so blessed to be spending my time in Chicago at her humble abode.

Over the weekend she hosted a small housewarming party to celebrate her new space.  We grilled, we drank, we laughed.  I had a great time enjoying the cool end-of-summer air with old and new friends.  It also made me really excited to move into my own space and host parties that are as well-done as hers.  I mean really, how perfect are the little details!?  They make such a big difference.
Alex Housewarming 9/2/12

Alex Housewarming 9/2/12

Alex Housewarming 9/2/12
How did you all spend your Labor Day?

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