Eating Chicago: Etn.o Village Grill

I love a good hamburger.  I’m always on the hunt for the next best burger and after my trip to Etn.o I might have found my current favorite.  From the outside, Etn.o Village Grill looks pretty passe.  Aside from the cow on the roof (which is a great touch), the building seems a bit out of place compared to its surroundings but as soon as you walk in you’re taken in by the wonderful aroma of some all-American burgers and fries.

Etn.o Village Grill
Etn.o Village Grill

After staring at the menu for far longer than anyone should I decided to indulge in their burger of the week.  A 1/2 pound patty nestled between what I can only assume was a house-made bun complete with caramelized onions, sauteed mushrooms, and Boursin cheese spread.  I don’t know about you, but I never thought to spread Boursin on a hamburger.  After this experience I think I want it on all of my burgers.  It was DIVINE.

Etn.o Village Grill

The burger was plenty of food for me so chose to forgo a side order of french fries.  I did, however, steal a couple fries from my sweet friend Cody and I can attest to their deliciousness.  The salt to fry ratio was spot on!

Etn.o Village Grill

Speaking for the burgers alone, this is my new favorite.  If you factor in the fries, it’s still in second place behind Kuma’s Korner.  Something about Kuma’s fries makes them the best french fries I’ve ever eaten.  Do you have a favorite burger place?  What makes it stand out above the rest?


Throw in your two cents.

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