Fall Trends: Leather

This month, I teamed up with Art Effect in Chicago to bring you some of my favorite fall trends.  The ladies there pulled outfits for me and we had a lot of fun accessorizing my looks.  If you’re in Chicago be sure to stop by and tell them I sent you!  You can also shop online if that’s more your style.  Each Tuesday and Thursday of this month I’ll bring you one look and today is all about leather.

Fall Trends: Art Effect Chicago

dress: Velvet ($205) // clutch: Deux Lux ($65) //
necklace: Vanessa Mooney ($87) // bracelet: Leighelena ($125)

Fall Trends: Art Effect Chicago

This dress I’m wearing is the best faux leather I’ve ever had on.  Nothing about it felt like the cheap, plastic leather which always tends to remind me of dance costumes I was forced to wear as a youngster.  It was the most buttery-soft texture and instantly made me feel glamorous.  I love that they paired it with that eggplant clutch (one of my favorite colors this season) and the delicate studded necklace.  This is a truly wearable ensemble and I don’t feel like any part of it is trying too hard.

Fall Trends: Art Effect Chicago
How do you feel about the leather trend this fall?  Is it something you’d like to try?

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