This will be my first autumn season in Arizona since high school and I’m feeling really excited about it. Arizona is mostly known for being way too hot and suffers from stereotypes about the “wild, wild, west”; tumbleweeds and all that jazz. Many people are surprised to know that Phoenix is a far cry from the Arizona depicted in cheesy movies and one thing that I’ve always loved about my home state is the weather in the fall.



Arizona Sky

Rather than leaves falling from trees and blustery winter air blowing in, the weather in Phoenix takes a beautiful turn.  The trees seem greener, the sky brighter, and air just cool enough to permit sweaters.  The birds greet me in the morning by singing in the palm trees outside my window and everyone breaks out their bicycles for trips to the farmer’s market.  It truly is a wonderful season and I’m so excited.

This fall I’m going to indulge in some cliches like pumpkin spice lattes and home made apple tarts.  But I’m also going to try to embrace everything an Arizona autumn has to offer.  I’m going to read a book in my backyard, spend time eating on the patios of my favorite restaurants, host some dinner parties for my friends, and knit another blanket.  I’m going to plan something low key for my birthday, go to some art festivals, and learn how to do something new.  Fall has always been a season near to my heart and I can’t wait to enjoy it this year.  I’ll be out enjoying the beauty of the cacti then coming home to fresh baked pie all season long :).

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