Fall Trends: Leather Round Two

Fall Trends: Stripes

Remember those fabulous faux leather leggings from Tuesday?  Well they’re back again for today’s fall trend post.  In my opinion, the most important part of wearing trends is mixing them with pieces you will always love.  For me, stripes are a staple in my wardrobe.  If my pieces aren’t a solid color, they’re striped or polka dotted; what can I say, I know what I like!
Fall Trends: Stripes

top: Bailey $44 // leggings: Ella Moss $148 // Sunglasses: AJ Morgan $16 // shoes: Boutique 9

I really loved these leggings and when I walked past this striped shirt I knew they would be perfect together.  I love the versatility of these leggings and I’m certain this shirt could become a well-worn favorite in my closet.  It’s so fun mixing my classic style up with the trend of the season!  Thanks again to the Art Effect gals for letting me crash their store.


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