Babe in Boots

Babe in Boots

Growing up in Arizona I was never really much of a “boot” girl.  I used to think they looked kind of silly and it never realllly gets cold enough here to warrant boot-wearing.  But then I moved to Chicago and discovered that boots are great for SO much more than keeping your toes warm in the snow.  Now that I’m back in the desert, I’ve decided it’s necessary to mix boots into my fall and winter wardrobe.  I love the hardcore look of these boots but couldn’t resist pairing them with these dainty floral jeans.  They’re my new favorite–you’d be surprised at how well they pair just about everything in my closet.  Plus, who can resist a good floral piece??  Not me.

Babe in Boots

Babe in Boots

sunglasses: Free People // top: Zara // jeans: Anthropologie
boots: Vince Camuto // necklace: thrifted

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