Eating Arizona: 24 Carrot Juice

My parents are both on a cleanse right now.  My dad is only consuming juice and my mom has given up red meat, alcohol, caffeine, dairy, and all processed foods.  I’m not on the cleanse but the food around my house has shifted to a much more nutritional menu and I’ve found myself delving into the world of vegan and vegetarian substitutes for my normal go-to meals.  On Saturday morning before I went in to work, I took my dad to 24 Carrots so he could have some breakfast (a fruit smoothie) while I enjoyed some scrambled tofu.  This was my second time in, the first was with my friend Gail, and both trips ended in “yummy” noises from everyone involved.
24 Carrots Juice

My breakfast was delightful.  It was my first real experience with scrambled tofu and I left feeling very satisfied with the meal.  Are any of you ladies (and gentlemen!) vegan?  Do you find that you struggle with replacements for non-vegan foods?  I’m so curious about how the day-to-day life of a vegan works.  It seems like it must be a struggle to find food and avoid temptation (BACON!).  Please share your experiences with me.  And if you’re in Phoenix, stop by 24 Carrots.

24 Carrots Juice


One thought on “Eating Arizona: 24 Carrot Juice

  1. Oh my this looks so incredibly delicious! I love when I start going through cleansing phases. I always feel so much better! So healthy and energetic! It usually doesn’t happen until Spring for me though… This salad looks amazing!

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