From the Garden to the Table

Arizona really only has two seasons: summer and fall.  Summer lasts from May almost through the end of October and Fall truly hits in November then dies off in April.  People live in Arizona because the fall-like weather is divine.  Waking up to the brisk air, going on bike rides, hikes, and endless picnics are some of my favorite things about our cool weather days here.  I soak up as much fresh air as possible and this year I’m determined to grow a garden full of fresh veggies that will find their way onto my table and I want to document the journey for all of you.

Singh Farms

I’m no pro when it comes to gardening.  I could barely keep my basil plant alive in Chicago and managed to kill quite a few of my other windowsill plants over the years.  BUT last spring I took a horticulture class and I recently brushed up on my horticultural knowledge with an Arizona gardening class, so I’m confident that I won’t kill everything in the garden overnight.  To kick things off, my mom and I made a stop at Singh Farms to pick up some of the best compost around.  We are planting about a week late so we cheated about bought a few starter plants too.  That way if our seeds completely fail we won’t feel too bad about ourselves :).  I snapped some pictures around the farm while waiting on the compost and shopping around their farmer’s market.  It’s such a beautiful place stuck in the middle of a very urban area.  I love finding the quirks of my city.

Singh Farms

Singh Farms

Singh Farms

I stocked up on eggplant and can’t wait to use it up!  I’m sure a few eggplant-centric recipes will be making their way towards you.  In the meantime, do any of you have some gardening tips for me??  I’d love some insight from more experienced gardening gals.
I can’t wait to kick things off!

Throw in your two cents.

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