Eating Arizona: Liberty Market

I’m really thrilled to be featuring this gem in my Eating Arizona series.  My friend Morgan introduced me to Liberty Market a few years ago when I was on break from school and I’ve made it a point to get back as much as possible.  Liberty Market resides in Gilbert, Arizona which is a very unique community in my state.  Something about Gilbert is just so incredibly charming, and this restaurant is no exception.  Placed on a street that is reminiscent of an small town, Liberty Market jumps out at you.  The building has been around for a while–it’s a historical landmark–and has a great story to boot!

Eating Arizona: Liberty Market

I have to admit… I order the same thing almost every time I go.  Occasionally I’ll add a side and twice I’ve experimented with different entrees but nothing comes anywhere close to my go-to menu choice.  The white pizza is the best thing in the world.  Wood-fired pizza is probably my favorite preparation of pizza and while I’m generally not a fan of creamy sauces this Parmesan white sauce comes across as being very delicate.  Unlike many restaurants these days that put bacon on any and everything, the bacon that tops this pizza truly belongs there.  It accentuates the flavors in the sauce and doesn’t feel overpowering in any way.  Factor in the pine nuts and greens that top the pizza and the perfect pieces of chicken scattered around and you’ve got HEAVEN.

Eating Arizona: Liberty Market

While you enjoy the incredible food, you get an opportunity to truly take in the atmosphere of the restaurant.  It’s beautifully decorated and full of interesting details.  I was lunching by myself on the day I took these photos and was thrilled by all of the architectural details that kept my eye busy.

Eating Arizona: Liberty Market

Eating Arizona: Liberty Market

Eating Arizona: Liberty Market

Liberty Market… I’ll see you soon!

Eating Arizona: Liberty Market


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