The Arizona Taco Festival

This past weekend was both my birthday weekend and my second-t0-last weekend before starting my new job.  I’m trying to be more social and experience more of what Arizona has to offer so when my friend Morgan invited me to the Arizona Taco Festival I simply couldn’t say no.  I love a well-made taco and the weather is FINALLY nice enough that you can spend time outside so I was thrilled to attend this event.
Arizona Taco Festival
(a good friend and good tacos!)
Arizona Taco Festival

We saw some pretty interesting things.  A stripper wearing roller-skates, a couple getting married, a hot chili pepper eating contest, and midget wrestling.  We also ate some truly incredible tacos.  My favorite came from the Four Seasons Scottsdale food truck.  I also really enjoyed both the food and the entertainment from J.licious.  It was a fun day but a bit overpriced, in my opinion.  General admission was $12 and all food and drink cost extra.  Here are some snaps from the day!
Arizona Taco Festival

Arizona Taco Festival
Arizona Taco Festival
Arizona Taco Festival

Now I’m dreaming of ways to reproduce the tacos I tasted.  There is something truly divine about authentic Mexican food!  Fresh tortillas are especially amazing.  Any tips on making killer Mexican food?  I’d love any advice you can throw my way on this subject :)

Throw in your two cents.

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