Eating Arizona: Essence Bakery

I really feel bad for my friends.  I’m a morning person  and I absolutely LOVE getting breakfast with friends.  The trouble is, most of my friends are not morning people so when we go out for breakfast they’re usually sitting across the table from me looking sleepy.  I feel bad for them because I’m not going to stop dragging them out to breakfast any time soon.  Luckily, they’re great sports and they usually let me choose the restaurant :)!  My friend Morgan teaches English to middle school students and met me early in the day during her fall vacation to indulge my love of breakfast.  We met at Essence Bakery in Tempe and I was immediately smitten with this sweet spot.

Essence Bakery

First things first–the aroma of freshly made breakfast in the restaurant is astounding.  My mouth started watering from the moment I walked in.  Their menu is made up of local and organic foods and is a mash-up of classic and contemporary dishes.  I ordered the granola and Morgan chose the quiche lorraine.

Essence Bakery

The food was amazing.  My granola was buried under a mountain of fresh fruit and Morgan’s quiche was perfect.  I could see the flaky crust from all the way across the table. We both cleaned our plates and I can’t wait to go back again and try some other menu items.  I’m also excited about recreating this granola on my own.  It was full of seeds and grains and definitely seems like something I could make on my own.

I’ll absolutely be back to Essence Bakery again.  Do any of you have a favorite Brunch spot?  It really is the best meal of the day!

2 thoughts on “Eating Arizona: Essence Bakery

    • Ahhh you’re unveiling a dirty little secret of mine… I don’t like macarons! I keep trying them hoping that I’ll like them better but they just aren’t my cup of tea. I wish they were because they’re SO so cuteee.

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