Feeling Blue


sunglasses: Ray Ban // cardigan: United Colors of Benetton // dress: Ya //
shoes: Akira // Necklace: online (don’t remember!)

The term “feeling blue” really took on a whole new meaning when I introduced some cobalt to my wardrobe.  Now I find myself feeling blue on a daily basis!  This bright hue makes my eyes bluer and looks fabulous against my pale skin (the sun and I don’t get along).  It’s such a great substitute for black and it gives me an excuse to wear other brights.  I threw on this outfit when I woke up on Monday because I was feeling kind of sickly and hoped it would energize me.  Then, I realized I felt pretty awful so I took it off, threw on some pj’s and watched Sex and the City all day.  I can’t wait to actually wear this ensemble out but I’ll debut it for you here in the meantime ;).



We can also talk about how that first photo highlights all the bug bites on my legs. They’re BRUTAL! Bugs love me. How do you all feel about bright hues this fall? I think cooler weather calls for darker colors but the heat here in Phoenix has me reaching for my brights again and again.  Hopefully things will cool down soon so I can bust out my actual fall pieces.  I hope you all have a beautiful weekend!  I’ll see you on Monday :)

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