Fruit Toast: Breakfast for a Working Girl

As a young professional that now spends my day in an office chair, I’m becoming increasingly concerned with my health and level of fitness. Working retail is a great way to stay fit because running around a store all day definitely burns a calorie or two. Now that I’m parked behind a desk, I find it’s more important than ever to watch what goes into my body and to ensure that I’m exercising daily. Maybe I’ll pull a Chandler Bing and do some butt clenches at my desk to stay in shape??

Fruit Toast

In the meantime, I’m shifting my diet to a healthier, happier place. Sometimes in the morning the last thing I want to eat is a breakfast involving eggs. Something about the texture and the pre-dawn meal time just doesn’t sit right with me. Instead, I opt for this healthy, simple fruit toast!

Fruit Toast

what you’ll need:

-1 piece of whole grain toast
-peanut butter of your choice
-3 strawberries, sliced
-5 raspberries
-3 blackberries (sliced if they’re HUGE like mine were)

make the magic happen:

I don’t think this recipe needs any step by step because it’s so so simple. Toast your bread, slather on your peanut butter, slice up your fruit, and arrange it so you get little bites of everything in each mouthful. It’s filling, packed with good nutrients, and should keep you moving until the lunch hour rolls around.

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