Work Wear

I started my new job last week and have been truly enjoying developing a work wardrobe.  My office is business casual and I tend to lean more towards “business” than “casual” but I wanted to share more of my office outfits because it’s tough to find a good business casual reference!


On my first day I wore this ensemble.  I absolutely adore the detail on this skirt and decided to let it shine by pairing it with a simple white button-down.  I pulled the purple out of the plaid with my shoes and finished it off with my legacy bag.  It was a great first-day outfit; comfy yet full of personality.  I think when dressing for the office it’s important that you don’t lose your style.


Sunglasses: Free People // Blouse: United Colors of Benetton

Skirt: Plenty // Shoes: Akira // Bag: Coach


I have a bit of exciting news to share with you!! I found an incredible photographer who will be collaborating with me on my fashion features from now on. Let’s all give a warm welcome to Ashley, the talent behind these images :). You can check out her facebook page for some sneak peeks of upcoming looks!


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