Eating Arizona: BLD

On Tuesday I met up with a friend of mine to tackle my never-ending restaurant list.  I have this giant excel document full of restaurants I’d like to try categorized by location, type of food, and name.  I’m kind of crazy but let’s skip past that to the part where I shared that list with my friend Joey who has now made it his mission to go with me to as many of these restaurants as possible.  It’s been a SLOW process (read: we’ve only been to two so far) but I’m excited to tackle the rest of the list.
Eating Arizona: BLD
BLD is located in Chandler, Arizona and offers breakfast, lunch, and dinner (hence the name).  Their menu is full of my favorite ingredients like goat cheese, bacon, caramelized onions, and heirloom tomatoes.  Their portions are huge and the food is well-prepared.  You absolutely get your moneys worth when you eat at BLD.
Eating Arizona: BLD
Although Joey and I went for lunch, we both opted to order breakfast foods.  I chose the Breakfast Meatloaf Hash which was composed of mushrooms, caramelized onions, breakfast potatoes, cheddar, scrambled together with eggs, and brown gravy.  The gravy had the best smell EVER.  I’m usually not big on gravy but the deliciousness that was poured over my breakfast made my heart happy (and the leftovers made my car smell AMAZING).
Eating Arizona: BLD
Joey ordered the Hash of the Dog: ham, sausage, short rib, breakfast potatoes, cheddar, scrambled together with eggs, and BLD Spicy Sauce.  It looked pretty damn good and Joey cleaned his plate so I’m guessing he was pretty happy with his choice as well.
Eating Arizona: BLD
All in all it was a great place to eat.  Their patio is spacious and shady from the hot hot heat in Arizona and the ambiance inside looked lovely as well.  My only complaint were the vaguely sexist comments from our waiter during the meal.  He commented on the fact that it was refreshing to see a woman order something other than a salad then immediately asked if I’d need a to-go box for so much food.  He also made the joke several times that women can’t make decisions and my friend should just decide where to sit for us.  The comments were funny more than anything but I imagine someone might be offended by them if taken in the wrong context.

BLD, I’ll absolutely be back again!

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