Eating Arizona: The Herb Box

I’ve been eating out more recently because a brunch date at a new restaurant is the perfect way to catch up with good friends…obviously.  My friend Morgan and I met at The Herb Box in old town Scottsdale to eat some amazing food and exchange our gifts during the Christmas season (you’ll see the beautiful scarf she got me in future fashion posts…I’m in love).
Eating Arizona: The Herb Box
The best way to describe the ambiance at the Herb Box is by calling it classy nautical.  There are small details like mirrors hung with rope and the wooden panels on the walls that make you feel as though you’re by the sea.  But then there are whimsical flower arrangements on each table and a really sophisticated color scheme (think navy, white, burgundy, and natural wood), and some of the most beautiful lighting fixtures that make the restaurant truly beautiful to be in.  The volume level is also just right which I really appreciate.  No one likes to yell across the table through a meal.
Eating Arizona: The Herb Box
I ordered a goat cheese and roasted corn flatbread and Morgan opted for a grilled chicken and sage pesto sandwich.  To start, we split the smoked gouda mac n’ cheese.  All three dishes were ahhhhmazing.
Eating Arizona: The Herb Box
The mac n’ cheese was good but not great.  It had a bit of a spice to it (very peppery) and was cooked well but I’m more of a classic, home-style mac n’ cheese kind of girl (give me the cheddar).
Eating Arizona: The Herb Box
Ever since I started working with Upward Projects I’ve been eating pizza a few times a week at our pizza place, Federal Pizza.  But for some reason, I’m not burnt out yet.  The crust on this flatbread was crisp, not soggy, and the grilled corn was such a great topping.  I think there might have been a few too many greens on top but the didn’t detract from the overall flavor–just made it difficult to eat.
Eating Arizona: The Herb Box
Morgan raved about her sandwich.  It was HUGE so she had plenty of leftovers for a midnight snack.  Her side of sweet potato chips were divine (I may have stolen a few).

I will absolutely be back to the herb box in the future.  It’s a bit on the expensive side but is such a lovely place to treat yourself!

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