Eating Arizona: Wolfley’s

I’m not a big fan of bar food.  Even when it’s classy bar food I still struggle to find things on the menu that appeal to me.  Last week my dad took me to Wolfley’s for lunch and I was so disappointed when I started pouring over the menu.  Hamburgers, sandwiches, soups, and wings that I’ve seen a thousand times.  I swear I’ve read the exact menu description in a different restaurant for many of these items.  Finally I settled on Wolf’s Hometown Hero “Beef on Weck” with a side of chili.
Eating Arizona: Wolfley's
The food was served quickly and our waitress was great.  I was busy photographing my chili when my dad started eating and making a lot of “yummy” noises.  I set down my camera, took a bite of my chili, and was blown away.  It was DELICIOUS!  The depth of flavor was impressive and it had a serious bite to it.  When I took a bite of my sandwich I was equally pleased.  I ate until I was stuffed and thoroughly enjoyed every second of the meal.
Eating Arizona: Wolfley's
If I’m going to be eating bar food, this is definitely the kind of bar food I want.  Well made, full of flavor, and served in a great environment.  If I’m in the area again I’ll definitely be back.

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