Shit I’m Listening to in my Car

I have a pretty substantial commute right now which is full of pros and cons. One of the major pros is the amount of time I now have that I can devote to singing really loud and dancing along to new music. It’s been pretty great. I thought it might be fun to share the songs I’m singing with all of you on occasion. Today’s song comes from Miss. Melanie Lynx. The guy I dated all through college was a musician and had a good friend who was a musician and went to Berklee in Boston. His friend dated Melanie for a while so I’ve been lucky enough to follow her from the beginning. She’s awesome and seriously makes the best “Sing in your car” music ever. So do yourself a favor and download this song. Other people looking in your car window as you drive by might think you’re crazy but it’s totally worth their judgment :).

2 thoughts on “Shit I’m Listening to in my Car

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