That 70’s Post

When I was in school I worked for United Colors of Benetton.  I had never heard of the company before I found them on a job board but they were in a cool location and I needed work so I figured I didn’t have much to lose by applying.  I ended up meeting a group of amazing people (and some lifelong friends) and stocking my wardrobe with some incredible pieces that I never would have been able to afford without my rockin’ employee discount.  When these pants came in I distinctly remember making fun of them.  Corduroy, flare-leg, high-waisted pants?…. Seriously?  Are we trying to bring back the 70’s?  Who would wear these?!  Me…apparently.

That 70's Post

necklace: thrifted // top&pants: united colors of benetton // shoes: steve madden

That 70's Post

We used to have “fit-sessions” so we could tell clients how things looked on a person rather than on a hanger so I tried them on as kind of a joke.  As soon as I buttoned them I realized they were amazing.  They make my ass look great, the high waist is totally flattering, and the color is such a great throwback.  I bought them immediately and feel pretty fabulous whenever I put them on.  Maybe designers in the 70’s had the right idea…

That 70's Post

Do you guys rock any throwback pieces?  How do you find a style balance so that you don’t look crazy in vintage-inspired pieces?  I’d love to hear your tips!

images c/o Ashley Guzman Photography

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