Eating Arizona: Olive and Ivy

I’ve wanted to visit Olive and Ivy for years.  A friend of mine in high school used to rave about this well-decorated spot and I was thrilled to finally dine there over the weekend.  As far as atmosphere goes, I’ll give Olive and Ivy a perfect 10.  It’s beautiful.
Eating Arizona: Olive and Ivy
A friend of mine and I stopped in for brunch and kicked off our meal with some mimosas.  At Olive and Ivy they use prosecco in their mimosas which, I think, gave it a great flavor.  I’ve had one too many of these made with cheap champagne so the prosecco was a nice touch!  They were running a brunch special so our drinks were only $5 each–not too shabby.  Plus, our attentive and friendly waiter mixed them at our table which was a great touch.
Eating Arizona: Olive and Ivy
The menu is full of delicious sounding meals.  Eggs Benedict with basil hollandaise?  Yes, please.  Not only do they serve plenty of breakfast foods but they also have salads and an array of unique flatbread pizzas that are still making my mouth water.  I ended up ordering Ivy Sausage Sandwich and my friend who has gone gluten-free chose the two egg breakfast.  I couldn’t wait to dig into my food and while we were waiting we snacked on complimentary Parmesan pesto with sea-salt foccacia bread.  Sadly, I think the pesto was the highlight of my meal.
Eating Arizona: Olive and Ivy
My sandwich was pricey ($10) and very average.  The sausage had a nice flavor to it, the cheese was fully melted, and the english muffin was made in-house but there was no wow-factor to any of it.  My friend wasn’t all that impressed with her food either.  I was disappointed because the quality was there, it was pretty to look at, but the flavor was just lacking.
Eating Arizona: Olive and Ivy
Would I go back again?  Yes.  I’m absolutely willing to give them another try but next time I think I’ll go for lunch or dinner.  If nothing else I think meeting some girl friends for appetizers and drinks would be so much fun in this sweet space.  Sorry Olive and Ivy, this meal just didn’t do much for me!

Have any of you ever eaten at this spot?  Any recommendations on what I should order next time for a better experience?  I’d love to hear your thoughts!  Heading into this weekend I’m excited to get in my kitchen and get messy.  I feel like it’s been far too long since I’ve shared a homemade recipe with you.  xoxo

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