Some Kind of Wonderful

When I was in college I dated a drummer.  He was completely adorable with a scruffy face, the sweetest eyes, and this incredible dark curly hair against his light features.  He was incredibly talented and college-Malori was totally smitten.  In the freezing Chicago winters I used to love cuddling up with him and his various vintage flannel shirts.  One night when we were hanging out I thought it would be hilarious to wear my flannel.  Of course, my version of flannel was pretty different than his.  When I showed up at his apartment I told him I dressed up as him for the night then laughed at my own joke for way too long.


sunglasses: ray ban // top: forever 21 // jeans: united colors of benetton // boots: zara


I must say, I really enjoyed wearing my flannel for the night and have since brought it into my wardrobe on a regular basis.  Paired with these boots it takes on a biker-esque look and is deceivingly comfortable.  These thigh-high boots are toned down over jeans but still pack a pretty bad-ass punch visually.  This is one of my all-time favorite looks.

photography c/o Ashley Guzman Photography

4 thoughts on “Some Kind of Wonderful

  1. You look fab! I love the boots & flannel and am so jealous that you don’t also have to have a parka and mittens and hat. Do you miss Northern winters at all?
    I haven’t read your blog in ages, I’m off to catch up. I hope all is well!

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