Laced Up

Laced Up

Laced Up

Frye boots are the best boots.  There, I said it.  They’re beautifully constructed, classic in style, and compliment my wardrobe in all the right ways.  While I can’t afford to buy them off the shelf, I have been very lucky to come across a few pairs second-hand.  I scored this pair years ago when I worked at a consignment shop for a mere $2.  Best two dollars I’ve ever spent, honestly.  They feel so rugged that I almost always pair them with a dress–you know I love to have that contrast of styles in my daily wear.  Keeping with the theme of reusing clothing, my dress was purchased for a special occasion and has gotten a surprising amount of wear.  I’m really guilty of buying fancier dresses, wearing them once, then retiring them to my closet forever.  This dress feels casual enough that I’ve been able to wear it time and time again–it’s become the model by which I judge my other fancy dresses!

Laced Up

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