I Grew a Radish

Remember last year when I planted a garden and was all starry eyed about eating fresh food and making meals with home-grown produce?  Well, it didn’t exactly work out like that.  The first issue were the bugs who thought I planted my produce to feed them.  They really enjoyed the leaves of all my plants and DEVOURED them.  The second issue was with our bubbler system.  Judging from the look of what was left of the leaves they were getting wayy too much water (or none at all depending on their location in the garden).  I lost hope and gave up.  Inspirational, huh?

Gardening in Arizona

Well after Phoenix got that crazy frost a few weeks ago we were SLAMMED with rain.  Then, something amazing happened.  My little plants that I thought had died CAME BACK TO LIFE!  And they came back with a vengeance.  I was out planting more seeds for this coming season when I noticed that a tiny radish had grown.  I’ve never been more excited about a radish in my life.  He was delicious, ya’ll.

Gardening in Arizona

This time around I’m going to fix the bubblers, keep an eye out for bugs, and use natural weapons to fight these guys.  I read that planting flowers in with your produce helps with the bug issue so I planted some marigolds and I’m excited to see what happens.  Do any of you garden?  Do you have any advice for me?  I’m really not the most talented when it comes to keeping plants alive but the thrill I got out of my radish today gave me the energy and enthusiasm to try again!  Here’s to hoping for a garden full of delicious produce :).

Gardening in Arizona

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