Life Right Now

Girls in Boots: Sunday Morning Sugar

The last week in May the pace of my life dramatically picked up and it hasn’t stopped since.  I found my days were full of plans and that as soon as I crawled into bed I was crashing like a corpse until my alarm woke me the next morning.  I’ve been in Chicago learning about photoshop, in Phoenix learning about flower arranging, at work blogging my ass off (check it out!) and still trying to find time to chat with friends, decorate my new apartment, and try my best to exercise a bit.  Busy, for me, has been good.  It’s been keeping me on my toes.

As I wade through this busy season in my life, I’m left wondering what my next step is.  For the past year I’ve made it a point to avoid setting large long-term goals and plans.  I’ve always been a planner so a year without them was kind of refreshing.  But, once a planner, I’ll always be a planner and I’ve started to dream again.  What do I want to do next?  Will it be in Arizona?  Will I take someone with me?  Does it involve more school?  Do I want to change my career entirely?  Something I’ve always loved about life is the fact that you truly have the power to do whatever you want with it.  I used to participate in Speech and Debate in high school and our coach always said that to be great you had to have two of the following three traits: time, talent, and tenacity.  As I move forward, I wonder what I can apply those traits to and what kind of success will follow.  Or what kind of failure because without failure you can’t be great!  Here’s to next steps!

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