Palm Springs Bachelorette Weekend

Last weekend I took my best friend across state lines for a weekend in sunny Palm Springs.  It was a MUCH NEEDED vacation for me and doubled as a way to treat my soon-to-be-bride of a best friend.  It’s been years since we spent so much quality time together and was the perfect way to celebrate the end of her single days!


In case you’re secretly dying to hit the road and see Palm Springs, I thought I’d share some of what we did (and what I’d do the next time I make the trip).


#1) Get yourself a nice hotel with a nice pool.  We stayed at The Movie Colony Hotel and loved it.  The room was decorated beautifully, the pool was the perfect size, they had a gorgeous fire pit, and offer a free happy hour each night.  The best part?  The hotel is 21+ so it’s the perfect place to go if you’re looking to relax poolside without kids screaming and splashing around you.  The hotel also had bikes that you were free to ride which brings me to…

#2) Stay close to downtown.  There is a cute main drag full of quirky shops and some of the best people watching you’ll ever see and it was pretty much where the action was at.  We ate some great food along this street during our stay and I loved that we were able to get there without a car (i.e. I felt comfortable having a cocktail with my meal knowing I didn’t have to drive after).  Check out Cheeky’s, El Jefe, Palm Greens Cafe, and Matchbox!

#3) From what I gather, Palm Springs is a place to unwind.  If you party to relax, stay at the Ace hotel or The Saguaro.  If you like to sip drinks quietly next to a pool with a book, stay at The Movie Colony.  Save your money in the shops and spend it on food and drinks.  The hotels truly are the destination here!!  Next time I’m going to forgo the downtown area (with the exception of meal time!) and spend my days lounging by the pool.

Movie-Colony-4(what’s a road trip without an awkward prom picture?)

I LOVED this trip and I’m already plotting the next getaway with my best friend (post-wedding, of course).

Next up I’ll share the side trip we made on the drive home along with some more pictures.

Throw in your two cents.

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