East Jesus

Ah, the final leg of my trip.  I wanted to feel like I was still on vacation so I had to stretch my vacation recap into three posts.  Forgive me?


The quirky tour guide at Salvation Mountain started chatting with Kristina and I while we were taking pictures of ourselves in front of the “GOD IS LOVE” sign.  He suggested we stop by the hot spring (did I mention it was 104 out?), check out the live band the following Saturday night, and then asked if we had ever heard of East Jesus.  The last question piqued our curiosity and after some coaxing, he drew us a map and sent us on our way.


I don’t think anything could have prepared us for what we saw at East Jesus.  I’d highly recommend checking out their website (CLICK HERE) but hopefully these pictures can speak a bit to the crazy sights we saw!  East Jesus is essentially a place where artists can go and do their thing.  We explored the Sculpture Garden and were amazed by the monumental creations crafted from garbage.  It was really fascinating and got me thinking about people who create simply for the sake of creation.  It’s a quality I’d love to adopt in my own life!  Have any of you ever been here?  I wish I could explain how to get there but I have no idea.  Kind of a traveler’s surprise :).



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