Best Year Ever

In two weeks I’ll be 23.  With my birthday just around the corner, I’ve been reflecting on the past year and dreaming about what’s next in my life.  I think that 23 is going to be a really wonderful year for me.  But until then, I thought it would be fun to recap 22.

Malori at 22

1. I started my own business

2. I got my first post-college job

3. I moved into my first adult apartment

4. I discovered a love for cocktails

5. I took a weekend trip to Chicago and learned photoshop

6. I also got to meet two people that I really look up to

7. I got promoted

8. I watched my best friends get engaged

9. I took a kick-ass trip to Palm Springs for a bachelorette celebration

10. I dyed my hair red

11. I had some amazing kisses

12. I discovered plethora of new restaurants and local gems in Phoenix

13. I played beer pong with my bosses

14. I dove into the world of fashion blogging

15. I cooked hundreds of new recipes

16. I jumped in some seriously big puddles

17. I participated in my first event as a florist!

18. I went to a taco festival

19. I learned more about taking care of plants (aka mine are still alive and kickin!)

20. I laughed.  A lot

21. I learned the value of pranking

22. I made it through the year as a happy, healthy gal.  The most important of all my accomplishments

It took me a surprising amount of time to think of 22 notable things about my 22nd year of life.  Later this week (maybe on my actual birthday) I want to share 23 goals I have for my 23rd year.  I used to set goals every year and stopped the past few years because I was feeling a little lost after I graduated.  I’m not feeling much less lost than I was two years ago, but I have realized the value in setting goals.  I can’t wait to knock out my list for 23 :)!!

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