Things that happened over my birthday weekend


1) I went to Chicago and ditched work and other “real-life-responsibilities” for four whole days.

2) I lost a few lbs walking around my favorite city.

3) I checked in to a hotel and opened the door only to find someone already sleeping in the room.

4) I had a fabulous birthday dinner with beautiful people from my college days.

5) I came home to a mailbox full of birthday cards.

6) My coworkers bought me yummy cupcakes and gave me wine.

7) I spent 3 hours reading magazines and drinking hot tea at Floriole.

8) I spent time with my love and soaked up lots of hand-holding, cheesy-joke-telling, and starry-eyed-smiles while I could.

9) Speaking of spending.  I spent way more money than I should have.

10) I felt inspired by the cool air, the big buildings, the charming neighborhoods, and the amazing people from my past that still make time to connect with me even though I’m a thousand miles away.  Aside from a case of post-vacation blues, I feel recharged and excited for life.

Throw in your two cents.

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