Before & After – Living Room

I moved into my own place in June and have spent a considerable amount of time obsessing over the decorating process since then.  I thought it would be fun to share some before & after shots of my place.  I’ve obsessively photographed each place I’ve lived as an adult and I love looking back at the evolution of my style.



My gallery wall makes me so happy. It’s full of art that I’ve made, art that has been gifted to me, photos that make me happy and nostalgic, and a ton of prints that I’ve fallen in love with and bought for myself. I know gallery walls are kind of passe at this point but it’s the only way I have to display most of my art at once. I like to occasionally change pieces out so I can display it all! I tried to link to as many of them as I could but this is a collection that’s been growing for years.


I also adore my plant. Is that weird? I talk to it like it’s a pet and I water it lovingly. It’s so big and full and beautiful. It just brings so much life to my place!!


couch – Thrive Furniture; rug – Rugs USA; gold table – Target; wood table – Target; pillows – homemade & Nordstrom; teal basket – Ikea; white chair – vintage; knit blanket – homemade; flower lamp – vintage; fan – Target; polka dot blanket – Hand & Cloth; Everything is OK Print – Ink Pop Studio; Yellow Flower – Big World Photo; Some days are better… – Rifle Paper Co.; Red Balloon Print – Raw Toast Design; Man in Clouds – TuttiConfetti; A Flower Hat – Matteart; You’re a Peach – Sara Lintner; Custom Illustrated Portrait – Mexcalline

You can see MUCH more where that came from on Instagram – @sundaymorningsugar.  I’m always changing things up and instagramming the hell out of it.  What can I say?  I like to share!

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