I’m not here


Have you ever wished for less accessibility?  Less opportunities for your boss to contact you in the middle of your vacation; less chances for your ex to send you snap chats; or less possibility of receiving a message from that guy who got your number from a friend and can’t take a hint?  Recently I find myself resenting my iphone.  The anxiety I feel when it’s not sitting right next to me is surprising and I’m beginning to resent the fact that I hear my text noise everywhere I go (thanks for that one iPhone).  I am disappointed by the fact that ignoring a text is considered rude.  I hate the false sense of bravery the screen provides and the off-color comments that come through my device.  I’m disappointed in the dates and break-ups that fit into a limited number of characters on my cell.  Today I’m feeling wonderful but I’m also feeling a yearning for privacy.  I’m wishing for the days when your phone started ringing and you had to guess who was on the other end.  I miss the time before everyone was available 24/7.

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