You Belong Everywhere

I have been cleaning up my computer with fervor in an attempt to not only simplify my real life but also clean up my digital life.  I stumbled onto a treasure trove of quotes and reading through this still chokes me up.  I think I’m still very much in a phase of life where this is applicable and wanted to share this amazing passage.  I hope one of you finds light in it as well.

“You belong everywhere. The age you are at right now is something you will want back in about ten years. Try and be less reserved. Be bold now. Tell her you’ve got a crush, or had a crush. It’s OK. She won’t stab your face. This is a neat time, the age of exploration. I was a desperate explorer. I ain’t talking about Robitussin overdoses and turning an apple into a bong. I am talking about exploring limits and setting your boundaries. I am talking about toilet papering someone’s house you love. Ding dong ditch the mayor. Taking a lawn gnome hostage but not chopping it into dust, boundaries. The parents will forgive you. The cops will forget you. You are young and that has value. College is not a passport to success. A passport is not a passport to success. Delaying self-gratification is. Learn how to not want it now. Recent studies, from an unknown source, shows that the main thing that plagues our generation is that we don’t know how to delay self-gratification. If we learn to save money, organize a game plan, read, clean up our lives, floss once and a while, then we will rule the world. You will forget the locker combos, the concept of popularity, and the valedictorian speech. You will remember the teachers who cared for you and you will remember being able to eat Taco Bell like an aardvark without barfing up any ants. You want to be a doctor. You might end up working at Chili’s. At least for a while. So what? You’re working and there is honor in labor. It is hard to forget the bad stuff as it is to remember the good stuff. You will forget a lot about this time. Remember the hallway make outs. Forget the wedgies. Most bully’s end up on TV court anyway. Some people will try to kick your face in. Know when to kick back and when to tell your friends you punched someone’s foot with your face. Don’t think about sex more than you have to. Your parents think you don’t ever touch anybody. If your friend gets cancer treatment, shave your head. Some people are drawn to drama. You are not a community theatre. Fire the actors from your life. Just because you know someone doesn’t mean you owe them anything. Especially if they’re a tool. Tell strangers nice things about their eyes or clothes. You will change their day. Ladies. Tell men exactly what you want. They are simple creatures. They do not read into things. Take him to dinner. Gentlemen. Tell her how you feel a lot. Notice details about her and say you noticed it. Ask questions and just hold and listen. Plan things. Imagine what it is like raising kids. Know that it’s hard. Let your parents know you know this. They may cry. Being alive is expensive and they wanted you more than those fancy romantic vacations. This should make you feel good. Ask old people how they’re doing. The answer will be long. This will help you slow down. Getting lost should be seen as a sweet chance to be found. Remember, you belong everywhere.”
-Derrick Brown

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