My Vacation Goals

I’m such an avid goal setter that even vacations provide grounds for the setting of new goals.  I’m jetting off to Chicago soon and aside from relaxing my ass off, there are a few line items I’d like to tackle while spending time in my favorite city.


  1. Visit the Sky Deck and stand on the ledge
  2. Eat a Chicago style hot dog
  3. Drink a cocktail at Violet Hour
  4. Go to the zoo
  5. Go to a cubs game
  6. Take a cooking class
  7. Eat lunch in a park
  8. Visit the Art Institute
  9. See the Edward Gorey exhibit
  10. Read a book in a coffee shop (Floriole?!)

There’s something really thrilling about acting as a tourist in your own city (or a city that used to be yours).  It feels like dating someone new in that exciting, butterflies in your stomach sort of way.  This trip is sort of symbolic of a leap into a new life for me and I want to start it on the good foot.


Throw in your two cents.

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