My First Floral Workshop

So, if you’ve been following along recently, you’ve gathered that I’ve made one or more big life changes.  The biggest of them all was the decision to quit my full time, stable, pretty kick-ass day job and venture out on my own to launch a floral business and follow my heart.  Kind of a big thing, ya know?  The kind of thing that leads to 3 meals a day of rice and beans.

I’ve been working on my floral love as a side/passion project for a little over a year and more opportunities have been jumping into my open arms recently so I’m thrilled to have the time and energy to pursue them.  One such opportunity happened at the beginning of May.  I teamed up with an awesome local boutique, Frances Vintage, to teach a group of ladies the Hoot & Holler way of floral arranging.  We had a full class and I had so much fun sharing my love of flowers with this group of women (and one man!!)  Below are my favorite pictures from the event (courtesy of Morgan McLane Photography).

I brought tons of goodies with me so my students would have plenty to work with.  We started class by giving all the ladies (and our gent!) a flower crown then I walked my students through the Hoot & Holler process of arranging.
After I gave them the framework, everyone set off on their own and pulled together some really beautiful work!!

It was such a great night spent with some lovely new friends.  I can’t wait to do it again!

Throw in your two cents.

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