Eating Arizona: Phoenix Public Market

My mom and I grabbed lunch at one of my favorite places last week.  Phoenix Public Market is a beautiful brick building (which feels rare for Phoenix) with windows on windows so it’s full of the most amazing light.  The atmosphere is pretty laid back even when the restaurant is full of people.  Every Wednesday and Saturday they host an open air market full of local vendors selling fresh veggies, pre-packaged deliciousness, and locally made goods and every Friday they host food trucks from 11:30 – 1.


Their food is seasonal and much of it is sourced from the open air market!  I absolutely love their menu selections and when I’m around for breakfast I generally gravitate towards the Flanched Flarney Garney (scrambled eggs, cheddar, avocado, mayo, and bacon on an incredible bun), their Steel Cut Oats Risotto (with vanilla fruit compote, agave syrup, nuts, and seeds), or simply a side of poached eggs with their ridiculously simple and mouth-watering Crispy New Potatoes.  They also serve these incredible turnovers stuffed with onion, fresno chili, and bacon that make me drool every time I think about them.


For lunch, I opted to try the Arizona Burger.  It’s a burger topped with green chili, lettuce, cheddar, and the house dressing and served on the most beautiful bun (seriously, the bread here is unreal).  The burger was cooked exactly how I wanted it and the combo of green chili and cheddar has my heart.  My only wish is that the green chili had been hot rather then chilled.  I also wish that the burger came with a side of fries, not fruit, but that’s just my inner fat kid :).

My mom ordered the Flanched Flarney Garney and nixed the mayo but added tomato.  She loved every last bite.  I’ll absolutely be back (it’s one of my regular hangs) and I can’t wait to taste my way through the rest of the menu.

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