Literally Living the Dream


This week has been insane.  It’s been a whirlwind of booked events, exciting marketing plans, momentum on big projects, new connections, drinks with old connections, and this overwhelming feeling of bliss.  This morning I woke up, made a run to the flower market, then stopped in to Creative Mornings to listen to a wonderfully intelligent woman speak about a photographer that captured these incredible glimpses into modern Arizonan history.  As I settled into my seat with my cold bagel breakfast, I looked around at the room and thought, “Fuck, I love my life right now”.

But really… how lucky am I to be a business owner at the age of 23?  How lucky am I to carry my own ideas from my mind into the world and watch them flourish?  How lucky am I to chase my passions for a living?  I can’t stop thinking about how extraordinary this life is that I’ve created for myself and I am almost drowning in this sense of excitement and anticipation for what is to come next.

I’m off to price out some weddings, create some gorgeous arrangements, pretend like I know how to be a graphic designer, and listen to some A$AP Rocky and YG.  Life is fucking great and I’m relishing every moment of this.

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