So apparently I’m a feminist


There’s this big resurgence of the word “feminist” going around. I have to somewhat shamefully admit that I was really opposed to this term until very recently (and I still cringe a little when I say it). But the older I get, the more I realize what feminism truly is and it’s an idea I can really fucking stand behind.

The past four months I have been working full time for myself. I am building a company and, much to my very pleasant surprise, I’m finding that this is something at which I can truly excel. When you’re in the trenches of starting a new business it’s basically the only thing you think about/want to do/want to talk about. I’ve had to actively force myself to calm down on the shop talk in other aspects of my life because I think my friends are getting sick of it. No matter how much success and happiness I’ve created in my business, I still get one comment that just fucking floors me. Every. Single. Time.

“Don’t focus so much on your business that you forget to find yourself a nice guy”.

I’m sorry but whaaaaa…..?

If I was a young man building an empire, I am confident no one would be concerned about my marital status. BUT because I’m a lady, everyone feels it necessary to remind me of my place in life; which, apparently, is in the kitchen with some homemade buns in the oven and perhaps a bun in my own oven… I find it deplorable that I am constantly reminded that being single is something to be ashamed of when my male counterparts are encouraged to first chase their dreams and once they’ve done so, then they can find a pretty trophy wife to lean on their arm and bask in the glow of how great they are.

So, to bring this bad boy full circle, I want to extend a challenge to all my free-thinking, feminist ladies out there. Chase your dreams, girls. Don’t let society tell you that your dreams can wait until you’re in better shape / you’ve found a man / you’ve finished school / you’ve worked X number of years for someone else / etc. etc. Do your damn thing and once you’ve built your empire, hit the streets and find a trophy husband to hold your hand so you can bask in the glow of how great YOU are. OR, better yet, find a man who has been out chasing his own dreams. Find the Jay to your Bey. Ladies? We flawless.

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