Today is one of those days.

Today is not a good day. Today is one of those days when you’re feeling overwhlemed. Today is the day when you don’t get enough sleep. When you’re feeling lonely. When it’s actually kind of shitty that you’re the single friend. When you and your guy decide to “go on a break” the week of Valentine’s day. When you’re a florist so the rest of your week will be spent making beautiful flower arrangements for the couples that aren’t on breaks.

Today is one of those days where you can’t take your new rescue dog with you to the meeting so you have to leave her at home. And your dog really freaks out when you leave her at home. So while you’re gone she pees and poops on your white rug and you get a note taped to your door asking you to handle your dogs “CONSTANT scratching, barking, and crying”. Today is the day that reinforces how shitty your neighbors are.

Today is the day with all of the anxiety. With the elephant on your chest and the tears in your eyes. Today is the day when you feel like curling up under a heap of blankets and watching sad movies so you can feel justified in your shitty mood. Today it’s not good to be a 20-something-business-owner. Today you just want to fly under the radar. Today you maybe just need a hug.

But tomorrow? That’s going to be a good one.

Throw in your two cents.

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