My Epic Road Trip

In the past six weeks I’ve visited 12 cities (most of them for the first time) and driven over 4,600 miles all by myself. I’ve read 5 books, launched a website, booked two weddings, and created a new program for my business (launching later this fall!). I’ve eaten SO many mouth-watering meals (and SO many fried cheese curds).

In these 4,600 miles I’ve learned that not working leads to doing some really, extraordinarily good work. I’ve spent time in coffee shops, parks, beaches (the kind attached to lakes…not oceans), restaurants, friends apartments, and SO MUCH TIME in my car. I definitely gained weight (soooo many cheese curds, omg) and was surprised that many of my favorite meals were the cheap ones from trucks or dives across the country. On a more real level, I’ve reconnected to some things that fell by the wayside when I was going through my last round of big life struggles. I started journaling again (you know, pen to paper kind of shit), and started meal-planning and actually cooking the meals I planned for rather than grabbing to-go food at every chance I had. I also got back into the habit of reading purely for pleasure and I read a ton of books about women that are kicking serious ass. I set some new personal goals for myself and I’m walking back into my life in Phoenix feeling like a completely new person.

Travel is so good for the soul and every day I am so grateful for the opportunity to do work that feeds me creatively (and actually puts food on my table) and to be in a position where I can go on a 6 week long adventure. I’m still working through all the feels from my trip but wanted to share some pictures from the stops I made.

salsa night
Salsa night in Denver, CO at Little Man Ice Cream wilson lake
Wilson Lake
Air BnB in Lucas, Kansas – Creepiest Stop of the Trip eden statues
Garden of Eden
city park
City Museum
Coffee shop hangs with Zens in Milwaukee
The incredibly picture perfect Zens house believe in nash
I Believe…in Nashville
buckstaff bathaus
Experiencing the hot springs in a 103-year-old bath business

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