Thank you!

Sugar & Spice

Well the 28 days of love is coming to a close. I hope that you all enjoyed it as much as me. I’ve never done anything like that here on the blog and even though I had an INCREDIBLY busy month, I managed to post consistently (I only missed one day!) so I’m really proud of myself.

I wanted to wrap things up by thanking all of you for your support. I got so excited every time I saw a “28 days of love” button on someone’s blog and all of my amazing sponsors contributed such lovely insights and giveaways to my event. Be sure to check them out once more because tomorrow I’ll be posting a new bunch of sponsors.

I made a quick survey for you to fill out regarding the month of love. If you all enjoyed it, it will help me shape future events around the ol’ blog so I’d really appreciate it if you took a minute to fill it out :)!!

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Thank you so much!!

Day Date

So for your last “things you can do for your loved one” idea, I wanted to share a really simple idea. You can give them your quality time! It’s cheesy but so true!!! Today I spent the day at the Field Museum of Natural History in Chicago and while I was there, I was thinking about what a great day it would be with a loved one. You get to spend hours together, you learn a whole lot, and there are a ton of photo ops. Maybe that last part only gets me excited… Either way, here are a couple pictures from my trip to the Field Museum :). I loved the dinosaurs!

(my bro and his girlfriend)

I apologize for being a terrible blogger this week. My life has been SO busy and I’ve barely had time to think, let alone put together worth-while posts. This coming week things will be back to normal and I’m so excited to share my life with you again :)!! I still need to show you my pictures from my road trip last weekend and I have a few fun outfit posts to share with you as well. I feel like I’ve been holding so much back! AHH!!!

Okay I’m done :). See you all on Monday!

Commenting on the Weather

I found this old picture and it totally cracked me up. My baby brother is one of the funniest/most amazing people I know and I miss him like crazyyyy!! My big bro is close so I don’t miss him haha. Fair warning, this post may be a littttle bit scattered. I’ve got a lot on my mind!

I’m not sure if anyone noticed, but this past weekend was freaking beautiful… and now it’s snowing. Sometimes I realllly question my decision to move from Arizona to Chicago. Luckily, I don’t have to work today so after class I’m devoting my day to getting ahead of my homework. Exciting, right!? I also owe you a recipe for 28 days of love which is fine by me because I’m going to try making some lasagna cupcakes. Say whaaaaat? More on that in a minute. For now I’d like to take the chance to catch up with all of you!

This weekend I spent time with my two of my very best friends in Anderson, IN. (hence the lack of a post on Saturday). The weather was BEAUTIFUL and I had so much fun relaxing in the sleeeepy little town where they go to school. We listened to a lot of old music, visited the James Dean museum, ate like a thousand hamburgers, and ran into my grandpa. I’ll share more on that trip tomorrow complete with a ton of pictures for your viewing pleasure! I also have a cute and suuuper easy DIY for this Thursday and I’m contemplating participating in Project ReStyle. I don’t have the time to participate weekly but I think I can throw a few projects together and it seems like it could be a lot of fun. Are any of you participating? I’m curious…

Anyways, I feel like I should get onto your recipe! I decided to make cupcake lasagna today. I found it on Ashley’s blog the other day and IMMEDIATELY wrote down the ingredients and made a special trip to the grocery store so I could give them a try. First of all, they’re freaking adorable. Second of all, who doesn’t like lasagna? If you’re a vegetarian, you could easily swap out the ground beef for some veggies or even some black beans!

This is how one of my tiny lasagnas turned out. (excuse the horrid picture. I was too lazy to use my camera so I used my phone instead. yeah. That’s bad)

Expect miniturized versions of EVERYTHING in the near future. I’m officially obsessed.

Now go… make your own tiny lasagnas. We’ll create an army.