Big Bear Lake


To celebrate America I slipped away from Phoenix with friends and family to the cooler weather in Big Bear Lake, California.  We’re in the part of the summer where I’ve had quite enough of the 110+ temperatures and we still have a solid two to three months before we get a break from the heat.  I’m officially taking any opportunity to get out of town so I can breathe again.


We piled into a couple of cars, turned up some great road trip music, and my little brother sped and wove in and out of traffic all the way to California.  We arrived to a huge rainstorm in the early afternoon, picked up groceries for the weekend, and I cooked a big dinner for our group (with some help from my best friend and her awesome husband).  For our 4th, we hiked up the trail just out of our rented condo’s front door and enjoyed a gorgeous display of fireworks.  After the show, we all piled in to the hot tub IN OUR CONDO and had some good beer and good conversation.  All in all, I’d say it was a wildly successful 4th of July.


The rest of the weekend was spent lounging by the lake and getting insanely sun burnt, flipping through some magazines that I only seem to take the time to read while I’m on vacation, making s’mores over the gas stove in the condo, and laughing way too much.  It was such a restorative weekend and the perfect reprieve from the heat.

So this is Christmas…

Plaid Coat and Romper

Christmas in Arizona is NOT white.  In fact, it’s brilliant blue dotted with fluffy clouds and buckets of sunshine.  But don’t worry–we still get festive.  This outfit makes me feel especially festive with the plaid coat and the gathered romper.  I love that I’m alllll legs in this ensemble.  If you live in a colder area this look could easily be adapted with a heavier coat, some tights, and a pair of booties.  In Arizona this is just the right amount of layering.

Plaid Coat and Romper

Plaid Coat and Romper

coat: thrift store ($1) // romper: forever 21 // shoes: steve madden // rings: vintage

Plaid Coat and Romper

I hope you all have a beautiful Christmas and if you celebrate something else I hope that was wonderful too!  If you follow along on instagram (@sundaymorningsugar) you an stay up to date with all of my Christmas festivities like Bailey’s and hot chocolate, opening presents, and indulging in cinnamon rolls.

Plaid Coat and Romper

Thank you all for another year of reading.  Here’s to many more!

Valentines Party

I’ve never really been ALONE on Valentines day. Growing up it was tradition in my family to go out to dinner at those wonderful Asian places that cook on your table (ah my mouth is watering just thinking about it). My freshman year of school I went out to dinner with a bunch of my friends and last year a sweet boy took me out for burgers and we ended our night with some top gear. Being a single lady this year I knew I wanted to do something so I didn’t end up binge eating chocolate and throwing things at the tv while watching a romantic comedy marathon.
The solution? My roommate and I built a fort, then my friend Emiley came over for pink sparkling wine and heart-shaped grilled cheese. We topped off the night with Chocolat because Johnny Depp is just beyond gorgeous in that movie. It was so much fun and is something I really want to carry on in the future.
The grilled cheese I made was AMAZING. Honey apple butter and rosemary with extra sharp cheddar cheese. I die. You can find the recipe over here. All you need is honey apple butter from trader joes, some fresh rosemary, and a few slices of extra sharp cheddar. Coat both sides with butter and grill that bad boy on a low heat until your cheese is melty-gooey perfection and call it a night.
How did you all spend your nights?