DIY No-Sew Jersey Bolero

This DIY started off as something completely different (which I’ll show you in a different tutorial!) and ended up in something super cute and SO EASY.
DIY Bolero
I really love wearing tank tops. I have them in every color of the rainbow from Forever 21 ($2 each woo!) but sometimes I want to dress them up a little bit. I don’t have many cardigans because I’m really picky about the way they fit so I’m always trying to find other ways to add a little bit of interest to them. This is PERFECT and so so easy to make.
DIY Bolero
What you’ll need:
-Jersey fabric (I’d get a yard just to be on the safe side)
DIY Bolero
How to do it:
1) Fold your fabric in half and cut it into a half circle. I put pins in mine before I cut it so it would be more even.
No Sew Bolero
2) While the fabric is still folded in half, cut another smaller half circle out of the middle of the fabric.
No Sew Bolero
3) Take the pins out (if you used them) and put your arms through the cutout in the center (like you’re putting on a backpack). THAT’S IT! You could cut two arm holes if you’d prefer but you’ll get a little bit of a different look for the finished product.

Have fun you DIYers.

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Hang your flowers and your coats

My best friend sent me two cute DIY’s over a year ago. I posted the first one immediately then completely forgot to post the second one. I’m a bad friend. But hopefully finally posting this will make up for some of my bad friend-ness…right?

Kristina Marie is really pretty and is the definition of cute (fact). Everything this girl does from the way she dresses to the food she eats to the things she creates is completely fabulous. She’s a pretty great best friend. She saw this coat rack/vase on etsy (I believe?) and decided she was going to put her own spin on it. I asked her to take pictures so I could share it with all of you and she obliged me. Like I said, great friend. I think I’ve gushed enough :). Let’s get started!


What you’ll need:
-hardware to attach the finished product to the wall
-an old jar to use as a vase
-scrap wood

How to do it:

1) cut your wood to the desired length and sand it so the edges aren’t too rough!
2) Paint the front and sides whatever color your little heart desires
3) Let it dry then rub it with a bit of sandpaper to distress it
4) Attach your hooks. You’ll want to drill the holes for the screws first…
5) Attach your jar. Kristina wanted me to not that this was the most difficult part. She said to make sure the metal circle is fit exactly to size before you screw it on.
6) Attach the hardware to the back so you can hang it up.
7) Put some flowers in the vase and admire your hard work :).

EDIT: She sent me a picture of her project in action :).
Picture 3

If you have questions feel free to leave them in the comments. I’ll harass Kristina until she gives me answers then take credit for coming up with them by myself ;).

If you end up making the project, please share it with me in the comments. I’m sure Kristina will be excited to see what you come up with!!

Note: The cute boy in the pictures doing all the heavy lifting is not Kristina. That’s her boyfriend Sean. He’s a good one.

Hold on to Summer

Is anyone ready for winter? I mean, really. Anyone? Because I’m definitely not. My lovely best friend Kristina Marie makes these CUTEE flowers out of scrap fabric and old clothes and after months of begging she finally sent me pictures of how to put one together :). In the spring and summer you can attach a bobby pin to the back of them and wear them in your hair but in the winter I’d suggest attaching a pin to the back and dressing up your hats/scarves.

She just sent me a bunch of pictures so I’m going to let them do the talking :).
Hair Flower DIY
Hair Flower DIY
Hair Flower DIY
Hair Flower DIY
Hair Flower DIY
Hair Flower DIY
Hair Flower DIY
Hair Flower DIY
I almost forgot! She did offer me one bit of advice for readers who don’t sew. She said the worse you are at sewing, the better because it gives the flower texture when you do a sloppy job with your stitches. So this project is for ANYONE! If you give it a try, be sure to show me the link so I can check it out.

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I did it myself!

Today after class, laundry, lunch, and some reading I decided to tackle a project I’ve been wanting to try out for a while. A do it yourself project. And you know what? I did it… Myself…

I’m sure you’ve seen felted soap all around (Anthropologie comes right to mind) and have probably run across DIY instructions for this loofa-like treat. Well I found one a while ago and decided to give it a try. To follow the directions I used, head on over to Wit and Whistle.
Instead of using Dove soap, I bought some Honey and Oatmeal soap from Trader Joe’s. It smells like heaven. I’m not exaggerating. If you like oatmeal cookies you’ll LOVE the way this soap smells. The only other thing you need is the wool to felt. I bought some lemon yellow merino wool roving from my local Vogue Fabric store.

After about 10 minutes of furiously rubbing the wool (I felt like I was manically petting a sheep…) I had had enough. Maybe I’m a felting amateur or I just don’t have enough patience but I decided to call it quits and just go with what I had. Mine doesn’t look quite as pretty as the ones over at Wit and Whistle but it’ll do the job. I would give you tips but since I basically failed I don’t think my advice would take you too far.
Also, if you’ve been keeping track, you’ve noticed that I’ve completed yet another goal on my 20 before 20 list. Sadly, I won’t be able to tackle a few of my goals (like my 50 book goal. But I’m halfway!!). My birthday is in less than two weeks so I’m putting the finishing touches on my goals for next year. I’m trying to make more measurable goals this year because it’s difficult to cross things like “be happier” off my list.

Have a lovely day!!

Make your own summer headband

Rather than selling my little headbands, I decided it would be more fun to just teach you how to make your own. Plus, I wanted to post five tutorials on here this year for one of my birthday goals so this can count towards that :).

To make one, you’ll need:

-Double Pointed Knitting Needles in appropriate size for your yarn (read the packaging on the yarn, it’ll tell ya)
-3 or 4 Buttons
-Embroidery Floss

You don’t have to put buttons on this. It’d also be cute with other things attached onto it as well. Think silk flowers or rhinestones or beads! Additionally, I would recommend that you try to stay away from yarn that’s super bulky. I don’t think it’d make for the cutest headband. Then again, I may be wrong and it may be adorable! Finally, when I was making my tutorial, I used a scrap piece of yarn that turned out to be a LOT shorter than what I needed to the photos feature a baby sized headband. Don’t be confused, yours should look a lot longer than mine does in these photos.

Step 1:
Cast on three stitches

Step 2:
Knit an I-Cord. If you don’t know how to do this, there is a tutorial here (scroll down to the bottom of the page). If you don’t knit, you can crochet a chain (sorry I don’t know the technical crochet terms. Not my forte). Anyways, you’re going to want this to be pretty long because when you tie it around your head it needs to reach! I generally make mine between 42 and 45 inches in length. Cast off.

Step 3:
Arrange your buttons however you want them to lay on the headband and use the embroidery floss to sew them on. You can experiment with placement and the amount of buttons or embellishments you use. I’m just giving you the basic tutorial :).

Step 4:
Weave in all the loose ends and tie it around your head. It’s be really cute if you had a ponytail in because you can tie it in a big bow under your head!

Have fun making these little summer headbands. I feel silly offering a tutorial about this because it’s so ridiculously simple. If you don’t feel like making your own, let me know and I’ll make one for ya! Maybe I’ll post a few in my shop.

Have a great day