What I ate on my PNW vacation… (Part 2; Seattle)

When I vacation, my main goal is to try as many amazing restaurants as possible. Last week I posted about the food I had while in Tacoma and today we’re talking about Seattle. This is good stuff, ya’ll! (If you missed my Tacoma post, you can check it out right here, and you can read about Portland tomorrow)

Seattle-EatsWhat I ate on my PNW vacation… (Part 2; Seattle)


Piroshki Piroshki

Delicious, delicious, delicious. I have never had a piroskhi so I’m going to assume you haven’t either. It’s a sweet or savory hand pie made with the most insanely flaky crust and a variety of fillings. I tried the beef and cheese (good) and the mushroom, chicken, and rice (mind-blowing). Eat it on a curb while people watching at the Pike Place Fish Market.

Il Corvo

This is the best meal I’ve eaten in my entire life. I didn’t even know food could taste this good. Every day the menu changes and features 3-4 scratch made pastas with the most incredibly well-executed sauces. We ordered two of the three choices on the menu for the day and it was so good that even when I got hungry I didn’t want to eat again because I knew that no food would be as good as these dishes. For only $9 a bowl I feel like I practically stole this meal and I cannot believe how upset I am that this place exists so far away from my home. Go there immediately.

Rachel’s Ginger Beer

Not really a full restaurant but that’s okay. The team at RGB create an array of seasonal, fresh brewed ginger beers that are unlike any soda I’ve ever had. They aren’t too sweet and feature flavors such as white peach and hibiscus. It was an excellent refresher for a hot afternoon and I can’t even imagine how delicious it would be with some booze in it (Gin…I’m lookin’ at you!)

Eating Arizona: Songbird Tea & Coffee

This week’s Eating Arizona post is sort of a two-fer. I’ve been spending a lot of time exploring downtown Phoenix recently and came across this sweet coffee house (you may recognize the exterior from this post).  My sweet photographer and I stopped in and I treated us to some tea and coffee.  We sat down, were approached by one of the owners, and I knew immediately that I wanted to feature them on this series.
Songbird Coffee and Tea
Johnathan and his wife, Erin, opened songbird to fulfill a lifelong dream Erin had of owning a coffee shop.  They have a unique space shared with an art gallery and in a convenient location to the grad students who live down the street.  Their menu is full of simple, straightforward drinks made to the highest standard.  Behind the register you’ll find a collection of loose leaf teas that are brewed into the most amazing iced tea I’ve ever had.  My only complaint is that my tea was so amazing I drank it way too fast and immediately wanted more.  Not such a rough complaint to have, if you ask me.
Songbird Coffee and Tea
Songbird Coffee and Tea
I noticed the picture makes it seem like salsa came spilling out of my burrito when I cracked it open but this, friends, is not the case.  I like to dip my burrito in salsa and that seems to be the most effective way to make that happen.  Moving right along…
Songbird Coffee and Tea
In addition to their well-crafted beverages they sell locally made burritos that are extremely unique…to say the least.  I indulged in a plantain and bean burrito and was blown away by the amazing flavors.  I’ve also had the pleasure of eating a steak burrito that was equally delicious.  I have been multiple times now and cannot wait for my next visit.  It’s extremely out of my way and well worth the drive.  I love spending freelance days sipping on some tea and snacking on a burrito.  Great customer service, top notch food, and iced tea to swoon over.
Songbird Coffee and Tea
Songbird Coffee and Tea

images c/o Ashley Guzman Photography

Get more info on Songbird at their website: www.songbirdcoffeehouse.com