My Favorites: Bijouxs Blog

I read blogs all the time.  I’m always looking for new places to find inspiration, recipes, fashion advice, or just great writing.  I thought it might be fun to share my favorite blogs with you from time to time in case you’re a blog-addict like myself.  Heading into the weekend I’m dreaming of complex recipes for my kitchen.  The kind of recipe where you spend most of your day in the kitchen with simmering sauces and fresh herbs.  The kind of day that ends in a mess of all your dishes on the counter and your stomach full of the best kind of food.  I find about 2/3 of my recipes online and one site that is always full of foodie inspiration is Bijoux.


(image is property of Bijouxs Blog)

This sweet blog is chock full of delightfully simple photographs, great step-by-step recipes, and some truly unique food.  Some of my favorites include this Roasted Winter Panzanella, the wild mushroom tart, and this beautiful summer tomato sauce served over grilled eggplant.  Her selection of sweet recipes is just as enticing–pots de chocolate?  Yes please.

Lynn Marie Gray not only gives you these beautifully written recipes, but she also offers tips to the home cook.  She shares wisdom from her culinary training to make construction of gourmet food at home an attainable goal.  I truly love her blog and look forward to every new post.  She’s amazing and I strongly encourage you to see what all the fuss is about.