My Day in D.C.

I visited a friend in Virginia in early January and took a tiny bit of time during my trip to check out some monuments in D.C. It was a BRISK day but having the chance to visit a few of these landmarks was really special (and totally worth the chill).

01.10.15 - 04

First, we visited the United States Botanical Garden. I have such a big lady crush on plants. I can’t grow them for shit so maybe that impacts my opinion of those who can. A lot of the gardens were closed (presumably because of the cold) but it was lovely nonetheless.

01.10.15 - 06
01.10.15 - 14

After the gardens, we took an official tour of the Capitol building. It was fascinating and I just about died over all the incredible light fixtures throughout the space. I totally have a thing for architecture so it was really interesting learning about the building and all the history that was made within its walls.

01.10.15 - 17

Our last two stops of the day were quick but gorgeous. We made the obligatory stop at the White House. Due to an increase in the amount of morons in this fair country, you can’t get even remotely close to the White House for fear of a security breach. It’s been almost 15 years since my last visit to D.C. and it was pretty exciting to see the White House again. Even if it was from reeeeaaaalllllllyyyy far away.

01.10.15 - 09
01.10.15 - 16
01.10.15 - 15

Our final stop was the Lincoln Memorial. That shit is awe-inspiring. I remember thinking it was HUGE when I was little and was pleasantly surprised to find that it seemed just as big this time around. The sun was setting over the Washington Memorial which made for some stunning photo-ops. The sky gave us a delightful end to an educational day.
01.10.15 - 18

After my brief trip, I feel like I need to get back to D.C. to really explore the city. I’m itching to try the cool restaurants, see the rest of the sights, and soak in a new city. Washington DC. I liked you.


How hot is that coat? #sexy #ootd #ontrend

Portland Art Museum


I traveled through the Pacific Northwest with my friend, Katie. She visited me years ago when I was living in Chicago and we spent a day at the museum replicating the art. It was hilarious and I still giggle when I look at the pictures. We decided it might be fun to create a tradition of mocking the museum so when we were in Portland, we visited their museum for round two.

Eating Chicago: Milk & Honey

How many times have I sung the praises of this Wicker Park restaurant?  Obviously not enough because I’m going to talk about it again.  This restaurant is so, so delicious.  I finally had the opportunity to go for brunch and was not disappointed.  My sweet friend Alex, her sister Lauren, and her cousin Henry accompanied me and graciously allowed me to take pictures of their food when it came.


  • Lox
  • Waffles topped with nectarine and strawberries
  • Huevos rancheros
  • BBQ chicken burrito with sweet potato chips

I’m going to try to recreate my huevos rancheros as soon as possible.  I love that they were prepared in a casserole dish and the way the black beans were nestled under the eggs and salsa.  Everyone else enjoyed their meal as well and our only complaint was with the slightly rude wait staff.  Almost everyone we dealt with was curt with us and seemed irritated to be answering questions/taking orders/etc.  This is the first time I’ve really experienced the rude service so I’ll chalk it up to a bad day and leave it be.

I’ll be in Chicago for the rest of the week and I’m hoping to experience some new restaurants so I can share with all of you.  I love trying new things! I hope that you all had a lovely Labor Day weekend (those of you in the states, anyway). How did you celebrate?! I’ll be sharing more from my trip throughout the week.